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Practising Core Values Can Accelerate Your Promotion and Career Advancement

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Why Practising Core Values Can Accelerate Your Promotion and Career Advancement:

Core values are the lifeblood of any thriving organisation. They define the essence of a company’s culture, guiding the behaviour and decision-making processes of its employees. Establishing and living by these values is crucial for creating a vibrant, cohesive, and productive workplace. Below are a few reasons why smart employers adopt the company core values and accelerate their career advancement:

  1. Demonstrates Commitment to the Company:
  • Practising core values shows that you are dedicated to the company’s mission and objectives.
  • This level of commitment makes you a standout employee, likely to be considered for promotion.
  1. Builds Trust and Reliability:
  • When you consistently adhere to core values, you build a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable.
  • Trustworthy employees are often given more responsibilities and opportunities for advancement.
  1. Enhances Leadership Potential:
  • Employees who embody core values often exhibit strong leadership qualities.
  • Demonstrating these values can position you as a natural leader, paving the way for career progression.
  1. Encourages a Positive Work Environment:
  • Upholding core values contributes to a positive and supportive workplace culture.
  • A positive work environment increases your visibility and favourability among peers and superiors, aiding in career advancement.
  1. Fosters Personal and Professional Growth:
  • Engaging with core values encourages continuous self-improvement and professional development.
  • Employees who actively seek growth opportunities are more likely to be recognised and promoted.
  1. Shows Initiative and Proactiveness:
  • Practising core values demonstrates your initiative and proactive approach to work.
  • Proactive employees are seen as go-getters, often fast-tracked for promotions due to their forward-thinking mindset.

The six core values Special Steel adopt are more than just words, they are the driving forces behind everything we do, the very DNA of Special Steel:

The six core values of Special Steel

(STEELITES is a term for SSA employees)

  1. Passion: When you bring enthusiasm to your work, it inspires others and drives innovation. Passionate employees are noticed and valued, which can lead to faster career growth.
  2. Integrity: Being honest and ethical builds trust with your colleagues and superiors. Trustworthy employees are more likely to be given important responsibilities and opportunities for advancement.
  3. Productivity: High efficiency and dedication to your work help achieve company goals. Productive employees are often recognised and rewarded with promotions.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Always seeking to learn and improve shows your commitment to personal and professional growth. Employees who strive for continuous improvement are seen as proactive and are more likely to advance.
  5. Unity: Working well with others and fostering a team spirit helps create a positive work environment. Employees who excel in teamwork are often promoted to leadership positions.
  6. Mutual Trust & Respect: Treating colleagues with respect and building mutual trust strengthens workplace relationships. Employees who embody these values are more likely to gain the respect of their peers and leaders, paving the way for career progression.

These values set us apart from the competition and are integral to every important business decision we make. Our commitment to these values is the cornerstone of building trust in our workplace. If this resonates with you, then you’re in the right place. By embodying these core values, you’ll contribute to the company’s success and accelerate your own career growth. Embrace these values with enthusiasm and watch your career soar with us on this exciting journey. Reach out to us today via email and let’s explore how you can become a vital part of our dynamic team!

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