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Optimizing Operations with AR Steel in Malaysia

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What is Abrasion Resistant (AR) Steel Plate?

Abrasion Resistant (AR) steel plate is a type of specialty steel in Malaysia due to its thriving mining and construction industries. It is designed to withstand abrasive wear and tear. AR steel plate makes it ideal for applications across various sectors, including:

  • Mining: AR steel’s durability is crucial for equipment like dump truck bodies and excavator parts, which constantly encounter abrasive materials like rocks and ore. AR plates extend equipment lifespans, reducing downtime and replacement costs.
  • Construction: AR plates are perfect for components that withstand wear and tear, such as chutes, conveyor systems, and buckets in handling aggregates. They translate to less frequent replacements and lower overall project costs.
  • Manufacturing: AR steel is used in machinery components that deal with abrasive substances, increasing their lifespan and reducing maintenance needs. This translates to increased productivity and cost savings.
  • Transportation: AR plates can be used in dump truck beds and trailers to transport abrasive materials like rocks and gravel. They offer superior wear resistance, resulting in fewer replacements and increased road safety.

There are several grades of AR steel plates, including AR400, AR500, and AR600, each with unique properties and characteristics. Companies like us, Special Steel & Alliance Sdn Bhd, a prominent supplier of specialty steel in Malaysia, can provide these grades to cater to your specific requirements.


AR Steel Grades and Advantages

AR400 Steel:

A high-carbon alloy steel with a 360-440 BHN hardness range. It offers a good balance of hardness and weldability, making it suitable for moderate to heavy wear applications such as dump truck bodies, mining equipment, and material handling. AR400 provides significant cost savings over lower-grade steels due to its extended service life.

AR500 Steel:

Chemically similar to AR400 steel, AR500 steel has a higher hardness range of 470-540 BHN due to increased carbon and manganese content. This translates to superior wear resistance and durability, making it ideal for heavy-wear applications like armored vehicles, shooting targets, and conveyor systems. AR500 offers exceptional protection against abrasive materials, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

AR600 Steel:

This premium-grade abrasion-resistant steel has a 570-640 BHN hardness range and offers the highest wear resistance and toughness compared to AR400 and AR500 steel. AR plate makes it perfect for extreme wear environments like rock-crushing equipment, buckets, and excavator parts. AR600 significantly extends equipment lifespan, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.


Differences and Similarities


  • AR400 (360-440 BHN),
  • AR500 (470-540 BHN),
  • AR600 (570-640 BHN) –
  • increasing hardness with grade.

Wear Resistance:

All three grades of AR steel offer excellent wear resistance, with AR600 providing the highest level due to its increased hardness.


  • AR400 (moderate wear),
  • AR500 (heavy wear),
  • AR600 (extreme wear).


AR400, AR500, and AR600 steel plates differ slightly in their chemical composition, with variations in carbon, manganese, and other alloying elements.

In Summary

AR steel plates are engineered to withstand abrasive wear, with AR400 suitable for moderate wear, AR500 for heavy wear, and AR600 for extreme wear applications, each offering unique properties and advantages based on the application’s specific requirements. When considering AR steel in Malaysia, reputable suppliers like us, Special Steel & Alliance Sdn Bhd, can be a valuable resource.


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