Company History

Started with a humble attempt to improve the quality of life for one family, our company has gone on to transform communities in Malaysia and beyond.



In early 1980s, our founder, CK Yong, was in search for ways to build a better life for his family. Around the same time. Malaysia was set on the ambition to become an industrialised economy. Amid this changing landscape. Yong saw the special steel trading as an opportune venture to complement the country’s robust manufacturing industry.

As the nation began to build infrastructure, cars, electronic and electrical equipment and a wide range of consumer goods for the domestic and international markets, Yong set up Special Steel & Alliance in 1984 and embarked on journeys across the world to source for high quality special steels to cater to the needs of manufacturers back home. The efforts paid off. Malaysia’s manufacturing industry flourished.

Special Steel & Alliance thrived. In 1996, after a decade in business the company expanded regionally to serve manufacturers located in the north and the south of Peninsular Malaysia, in addition to the company’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. Another ten years later in 2016, Special Steel & Alliance became the largest steel stockist in Malaysia, offering an extensive range of high quality specialty steels for the private and commercial markets across Southeast Asia.

Market forces might have inspired the establishment of Special Steel & Alliance, but its enduring legacy was built on sincere effort, skilful execution and a burning passion for special steels.