As our motto ‘For A Better Life’ suggests, Special Steel’s purpose is enhancing the consumers’ quality of life for the better by delivering upon the promise.

We don’t focus simply on what we do, we also care how we do it – at Special Steel, we have six core values representing the expectations we have for ourselves, guiding our day-to-day decisions and the way we behave. Click here for more information on how we improve the lives of thousands of people.


  • Go the extra mile – strive for excellence in all we do
  • Always maintain a positive attitude and feel energised to contribute


  • Be consistent with your actions, behaviours, and communication
  • Have the courage to acknowledge mistakes
  • Never compromise the company’s core values


  • Efficiency and effectiveness in delivering


  • Never be complacent – be creative, innovative and open to changes
  • Constantly challenge the status quo to make things better


  • Work together and support each other to enhance team performance
  • Share collective responsibility and credit as a team


  • Engage in trust and respect for one another
  • Do unto others what you want others do unto you