We work behind the scene, supplying high quality special steels to more than 6,000 clients across a wide array of segments, such as consumer goods, industrial, transportation and electronics.

We are an integral part of your daily life

We may be able to immediately recognise steels in some of the more apparent products like knives, forks and spoons. However, the steel products that we source and supply have also enable manufactures to produce goods we all cannot live without today, from hangers that keep our clothes organised to water bottles that hold our drinking water, and from sunglasses that protect our eyes to toys that make our children laugh. We are always working in the background, making sure your routines are smoother, a little easier, and a lot happier.

Plastic bottle manufacturing process requires the use of plastic mould steel and beryllium copper
High speed steel: Close up of an offset printing machine during production
Conveyor for the production of cans – various special steel grades are used to support a belt conveyor system
The piping nozzles in cookie production are made of stainless steels
Stainless steel is an important element in producing mechanical watches
Piano strings are made from spring steel
Miniature toy cars are produced with various tool steels and plastic mould steels

We ensure productions are Safe, Smooth and Efficient

As a leading special steels trader in the region, we are privileged to have been able to serve our customers in oil & gas, palm oil, cement, mining and machinery. The production processes in such industries can be extremely challenging. For years, they look to us to supply quality steels and we attend to their needs very closely. We always response in a timely manner to ensure smooth and cost-effective productions. With the largest range of products available in our warehouse, we are always ready, and we are only a call away.

Transportation is Key to Development. We are Proud to be a Part of it.

While car, train, and other transportation companies are busy devising plans and innovating so that they can offer us better ways to commute, we are also working relentlessly to provide the materials and tools that they need to shape the transports of tomorrow.

We deliver a wide range of high quality products, such as tool steels, plastic mould steels and stainless steels to manufacturers so that their plans can be materialised. Special steels play important functional roles and are critical in the evolution of the transportation industry.

We are happy that we are able to support the transport manufacturing industry, but the most rewarding moment for us is when we look out on the streets and see how the development of transportation has transformed the quality of our life as a community.

  • Plastic mould steels are used to shape car doors.
  • A car bumper requires steels that are able to offer high force absorption.
  • Steels used to create the structural body parts of the car must have high energy absorption capability and light weight.
  • High-strength steels are used to produce seat frames.

Stainless steels are used in all types of passenger cars on rails, from metro (underground and above ground systems) to long distance coaches. Stainless steel provides a long-lasting approach, with pleasing aesthetic qualities, low maintenance, long life, and a high level of crashworthiness.

Railways rely on a wide variety of steels for its building materials, such as plain carbon steels, alloy steels, high strength steels, wear resistant steels, corrosion resistant steels, spring steels, electrical steels, and stainless steels. Different steels are used in different parts of the constructions to ensure out railways are durable and safe.

  • Special high nickel alloys are used to make modern jet turbines.
  • Moulds made of nickel-containing materials are also used to form composite components for the modern commercial aircraft.
  • Stainless steels are used for other components such as landing gears.

We ensure the safety of your Electronic devices.

Pretty much everything that we use today runs on electricity- our phones, ovens, hairdryers, computers, and cars. With the sheer number of electrical appliances surrounding us every day and every moment, it is important that they are safe to use and are made from materials of the highest quality.

The demand for electronic products will continue to soar as the world moves exponentially deeper into the realm of technology. We are the most passionate about development and improving people’s quality of life. Therefore. we will continue to source for the best specialty steels to help ease the production processes of our customers in the electronic manufacturing industry.


Plastic mould steels are an integral part in manufacturing electronic products by enabling its plastic parts to be produced with high precision despite tight tolerances and complex geometries. Without the plastic parts many of the electronic devices that we use today would not exist. Plastic mould steels are prominently used because they are wear and corrosion resistant, and have good mirror finish ability and surface workability.


Alloyed steels are used to manufacture most common parts of electronic devices, such as connectors, system components, cell systems, computer accessories. Alloyed steels have high corrosion resistance and good cold workability with superior weldability and excellent mechanical properties (strength, ductility, hardness, impact resistance, and fracture toughness).


Nickel-containing steels offer better corrosion resistance, better toughness, better strength at high and low temperatures, and a range of special magnetic and electronic properties. Hence, they play a major role in our everyday lives – food preparation equipment, mobile phones, medical equipment, power generation, many more.


Powdered high speed steels, also called powder metallurgical steels, are used as structural materials and functional materials for most of our electronic devices.