Cast iron is a ferrous metals used in construction and outdoor ornament. It is hard, brittle, non-malle able (i.e. it cannot be bent, stretched or hammered into shape) and more fusible than steel. Cast ironisvery good in compression.


  • Free from sand marks and graphite marks
  • Good machinability due to its dense and even structure up to the deep centre of the material
  • Smooth casting surface and good precision
Cast Iron
General Applications

Cast iron is used in a wide variety of structural and decorativeapplications, because it is relatively inexpensive, durable andeasily cast into a variety of shapes.

Valves, cylinders, machine tools and general industrial machineries, automobile and transportation equipment, metal moulds, pumps, electrical tools, precision instruments, iron and steel work

Some examples

Some examples of products made from EC dense bar

Cast Iron



EC (JIS-FC250)

Gray Cast Iron(Eutectic graphite and ferrite)