EC Dense Bar Gray Cast Iron

Type of steel and characteristics:
Continuous cast Grey Cast Iron possessing good sliding properties, pressure-tight, heat resistant, high wear resistance and excellent machinability.

Chemical Composition (%) C Si Mn P S
3.50 2.20 0.90 0.15 max. 0.10 max.
Nearest Equivalent JIS FC250, AISI A48-40B, DIN GG25, FC250


Valves Stack valve, Modular valve, Relief valve, Flow control valve, Solenoid valve, Sub plate, Manifold
Cylinders Piston, Head cover, Rod cover, Cushion ring
Others Pulley and Boss for blower, Rotor, Impeller Liner Flange for compressor
Metal machine tools Liner, Side Plate, Back Plate, Cylinder, Piston head, Pulley, Cylinder cover, Gear, Bearing, Safety pin, Bushing, Flange, Coupling, Manifold, Rack materials, Collet chuck, Scale base, Valve, Clutch, Centring cone, Rail, Chuck, Jig plate
Injection moulding machines Valve, Manifold, Cylinder, Mounting plate at fixed side, Mounting plate at moving side, ejector plate, Spacer block
Civil engineering and construction machines Valve, Cylinder piston, Manifold
Printing Machines Ink mixing roller, Ink rail, Guide, Gear
Spinning machines Bearing case, Gear, Weight, Rail, Top roller, Guide tube, Bearing, Cross slide, Bearing holder, Slide base, Bushing, Cam of sewing machine
Agricultural machines Farming Piston head, Head cover, Pulley for tractor, Pulley and Bushing for combine
Automobiles Shock absorber, Valve guide, Mechanical seal, Collar, Bushing, Weight, Speed meter gear sleeve, Mechanical seal Spacer for cooler
Cranes and Ships Manifold, Cylinder, Piston, Valve Guide, Engine valve stem bushing, Cylinder block
Cranes Sheave, Collar, Bushing, Wheel
Others Winch drum, Elevator hook, Weight, Conveyor roller
Electrical equipment and tools Compressor roller for rotary air conditioner, Spider, Slider, Cross slide pin, Facsimile vacuum pump, Motor gear, Rotor for cooler, Disc brake of generator
Metal moulds For glass, for aluminium die casting, for plastics, for grinding wheel, for pen points, for pressure casting, for lens polishing, for analysing pieces, for shell moulding and cold box process
Pump Gear of gear-pump, Rotor of screw pump, Shaft seal, Rotor, Flange, Flow control, Check valve, York sleeve, Valve guide for chemical pump
General universal parts Gear, Pulley, Sheave, Bearing, Shaft, Bushing, Collar, Cam, Coupling, Flange, Boss, Weight, Casing, Pin rail, Cases and covers, Seal, Rotor, Base, Ring, Roller, Nut, Plate, Plug, Block, Square, Jig and tools
Precision instruments, office machines, internal combustion engine, etc. Balance weight, Ram material, Oil seal, Thermocouple protecting tube, Feed roll, Drum, Burner inner gear, End plate, Piston pin, Lap material, Roll cap, Sample case, Guide roller, Continuous casting machine roller, Chair cylinder tube, Chiller, Feed roll, Automatic door valve, Brake, Manifold
Others Parts for Package of paper, Food processing, Wood-working machine

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