NAK80 Pre-Hardened Plastic Mould Steel (E.S.R)

Type of steel and characteristics:
NAK80 is a precipitation hardening steel grade for plastic moulds, featuring good machinability in the as supplied, precipitation hardened condition.


  • High-precision plastic injection moulds e.g. for the production of camera parts and electronic parts,
  • Compression moulds for all types, e.g. for plastic container,
  • Moulds for the processing of elastomers,
  • Moulds for the production of packing rings (O-ring seals)
  • Moulds for the production of tire segments (rubber materials) and
  • High-precision components for mechanical engineering.

Premium NAK80 Steel Supplier In Malaysia

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Chemical Composition (%) C Si Mn Ni Cr Cu Al
0.13 0.30 2.0 3.50 0.35 1.20 1.20
Nearest Equivalent AISI P21 Mod


  • No heat treatment required in the precipitation hardened condition of supply
  • high hardness of up to 44 HRC after precipitation hardened
  • isotropic mechanical properties
  • good machinability in the precipitation hardened condition of supply
  • excellent electrical discharge machinability
  • excellent polishability
  • excellent weldability
  • suited for gas and bath nitriding treatments serving to improve surface wear resistance; no hardness decrease during bath nitriding thanks to high retention of hardness at temperatures up to 570°C (low over ageing tendency); in the solution annealed condition, nitriding and precipitation hardening can be carried out in one step
  • suited for chromium plating and for any other type of surface coating
  • simple heat treatment in the solution annealed condition of supply (for order please inquire)
  • minimum dimensional changes during precipitation hardening

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