SKD 61 Hot Work Tool Steel

Type of steel and characteristics:
Hot work tool steel with high level of resistance to thermal shock and fatigue, excellent hot tensile strength properties, high hot wear resistance, good machinability and polishability, fine grain size with high level toughness, dimensional stability, extra fine structure without grain boundary carbide, nitridable suitable for water cooling.

Primarily for the processing of light metal alloys. Highly stressed hot work tools, such as mandrels, dies and containers for metal tube and rod extrusion. Hot extrusion tools, tools for the manufacture of hollows, tools for the manufacture of screws, nuts, rivets and bolts. Die casting tools, forming dies, die inserts, hot shear blades.

Elevate Performance With DHA1 & SKD 61 Hot Work Tool Steel Supplier In Malaysia

Special Steel stands as the premier specialty steel supplier in Malaysia, delivering excellence through DHA1, also known as SKD 61 Hot Work Tool Steel. This hot work tool steel, provided by Special Steel, boasts exceptional resistance to thermal shock and fatigue, high hot tensile strength, wear resistance, machinability, and polishability.

Choose Special Steel for SKD 61 Hot Work Tool Steel to benefit from over 30 years of industry leadership. Our commitment is evident through a vast distribution network, serving over 6000 customers in various sectors. With 96.8% of our steel grades always in stock, we ensure immediate fulfillment, making us the pioneers in specialty steel supply since 1984.



Chemical Composition (%) C Si Mn Cr Mo V
0.35-0.42 0.80-1.20 ≤ 0.50 4.80-5.50 1.00-1.50 0.80-1.15
Nearest Equivalent AISI H13 BS B-H13 DIN X40CrMoV5-1 Werkoff 1.2344 JIS SKD61 SIS2242

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