SKH51 High Speed Steel

Type of steel and characteristics:
Conventional high speed steel featuring high compressive strength and good wear resistance.

Taps, twist drills, reamers, broaching tools, metal saws, milling tools of all types, wood working tools, cold work tools.

Top-Tier SKH 51 High Speed Specialty Steel In Malaysia

Special Steel proudly stands as Malaysia’s top specialty steel supplier, offering excellence with SKH51 High-Speed Steel. This conventional high-speed steel, known for its superior compressive strength and wear resistance, finds applications in taps, twist drills, reamers, broaching tools, metal saws, milling tools, woodwork tools, and cold work tools.

Why choose Special Steel for SKH51 High-Speed Steel? With over 30 years of industry leadership, we’ve thrived as the go-to supplier of quality tool and specialty steels. Benefit from our vast distribution network, prompt service, and a remarkable 96% client retention rate. Trust Special Steel, the pioneers in specialty steel supply since 1984, ensuring a complete selection, always in stock, to meet your needs immediately.


Chemical Composition (%) C Si Mn Cr Mo V W
0.85 0.40 0.40 4.20 5.0 2.0 6.0
Nearest Equivalent AISI M2 BS B-M2 Werkstoff 1.3344 JIS SKH51 SIS 2722 UNI S6-5-2

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