SKS3 Hard Alloy Tool Steel

Type of steel and characteristics:
Oil quenched, low alloy cold work tool steel.

Cutting tools (dies and punches), blanking and punching tools, thread cutting tools, wood working tools, machine knives for the wood, paper and metal working industries, measuring tools, plastic moulds.

Unleash The High Quality Of DF2 Steel In Malaysia

At Special Steel, Malaysia’s premier specialty steel supplier, we take pride in delivering excellence with DF2 steel and SKS3 Hard Alloy Tool Steel. DF2, a high-carbon, high-chromium cold work tool steel, boasts exceptional wear resistance and toughness. Paired with SKS3, an oil-quenched, low-alloy tool steel, the duo excels in cutting tools, blanking, punching, and more.

Engage with Special Steel for DF2 and SKS3 due to our 35 years of trusted expertise, a vast distribution network, and a 96% client retention rate. We pioneer the supply of specialty steel in Malaysia since 1984, ensuring 96.8% product availability for immediate fulfillment of client needs.


Chemical Composition (%) C Si Mn Cr Mo V W
0.95 0.25 1.10 0.55 0.95 0.10 0.55
Nearest Equivalent AISI O1 BS B-O1 DIN 100MnCrW4 JIS SKS3 SIS 2140 UNI 95MnCrW5

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