SSA2316H Pre-Hardened Stainless Plastic Mould Steel (E.S.R)

Type of steel and characteristics:
Martensitic stainless chromium steel. The high carbon content permits hardening and tempering to increase strength levels. Due to elevated chromium content, addition of molybdenum as well as electro-slag remelting. SSA2316H offers to you excellent corrosion and wear resistance and is characterised by an extraordinary machinability and polishabilty.

Moulds for chemically aggressive plastics and plastics containing abrasive fillers, slit dies, profile dies, drop forging tools, blowing moulds, mould inserts, moulds and extruding tools for corrosively acting plastics such as PVC amino plastics and similar materials.

Chemical Composition (%) C Si Mn Cr Mo Ni
0.38 0.40 0.65 16.0 1.0 0.80
Nearest Equivalent UNI X38CrMo16 1KU DIN X38CrMo16

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