SSA2367 Hot Work Tool Steel

Type of steel and characteristics:
Hot work tool steel. Secondary hardening steel with high strength and wear resistance at elevated temperature. Good tempering resistance. High hardenability and toughness. Tools can be water cooled.

Primarily for the processing of light metal alloys. Highly stressed hot work tools, such as mandrels, dies and containers for metal tube and rod extrusion. Hot extrusion tools, tools for the manufacture of hollows, tools for the manufacture of screws, nuts, rivets and bolts. Die casting tools, forming dies, die inserts, hot shear blades.

Chemical Composition (%) C Si Mn Cr Mo V
0.38 0.40 0.40 5.0 2.80 0.55
Nearest Equivalent DIN X38CrMoV5-3 Werkoff 1.2367

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