SSA5919 Nickel Chromium Case-Hardened Steel

Type of steel and characteristics:
Low alloyed chromium nickel case hardening steel.

Components with large cross sections, requiring high toughness and core strength, such as gears, crankshafts and heavy duty gear shafts in aircraft and truck construction and mechanical engineering.


Strengthen Durability With SSA5919 Steel In Malaysia

Embark on a journey of robustness with Special Steel, Malaysia’s premier specialty steel supplier, delivering excellence in SSA5919 steel, also known as SSA5919 Nickel Chromium Case-Hardened Steel.

SSA5919, a low-alloyed chromium-nickel case-hardening steel, finds its prowess in components demanding high toughness and core strength. Gears, crankshafts, and heavy-duty gear shafts in aircraft, truck construction, and mechanical engineering stand resilient with SSA5919.

Choose Special Steel for over 35 years of trusted expertise, an expansive distribution network, and a commitment to meeting clients’ needs promptly. Strengthen your projects with SSA5919, where durability meets precision.


Chemical Composition (%) C Si Mn Cr Ni
0.14-0.19 0.15-0.20 0.40-0.60 1.40-1.70 1.40-1.70
Nearest Equivalent AISI 3215 SIS 2511 BS S107 DIN 15CrNi6 DIN 16CrNi4

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