SSA6582 Nickel Chrome High Tensile Steel (Q&T)

Type of steel and characteristics:
Low alloy chromium, nickel heat treatable steels

Highly stressed components with large cross sections for aircraft, automotive and mechanical engineering such as propeller shafts, connecting rods, gear shafts, crankshafts and landing gear components. Heavy forgings such as rotors, shafts and discs. For economic performance under severe dynamic stress parts must be designed for optimum strength.


Unleash Strength with AISI 4340 Steel & Palm Oil Shaft

Special Steel stands as Malaysia’s paramount specialty steel supplier, delivering excellence in AISI 4340 steel & Palm Oil Shaft, also known as SSA6582 Nickel Chrome High Tensile Steel (Q&T).

SSA6582, a low-alloy chromium-nickel heat-treatable steel, thrives in highly stressed components for aircraft, automotive, and mechanical engineering. Propeller shafts, connecting rods, and crankshafts exemplify its robust applications.

Choose Special Steel for over 35 years of trusted expertise, an expansive distribution network, and a commitment to meeting clients’ needs promptly. Elevate your projects with AISI 4340 steel & Palm Oil Shaft, where strength meets precision.




Chemical Composition (%) C Si Mn Cr Ni Mo
0.34 0.40 0.65 1.50 1.50 0.20
Nearest Equivalent AISI 4340 JIS SCM 447 BS EN 24 DIN 34CrNiMo6 SIS 2541

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